In my house, we were brought up with the mantra “clean foods, clean skin.” My interest in health and skincare is almost part of my heritage—my mother was the first Clearasil model!

Today, I’m the father of two adolescent girls, Carly and Christie, who are always trying out new products and regimens. I started looking at the ingredients in the products they used, and found I couldn’t even pronounce most of them. I started to research, and was shocked to find that most of the ingredients are fillers, and offer no benefit, but actually dry out the skin and cause aging and or skin damage.

My interest became a passion, and led to the expansion of the Braxton Labs supplements line to include a forthcoming skincare portfolio that is like nothing on the market today. We have always researched and sourced the best ingredients to deliver maximum effectiveness and wellness to the body, and our skincare products are no different. Our formulations are simple, in the sense that every ingredient is selected for a specific purpose, and does its job efficiently and effectively. Our skincare line features a proprietary, patented ingredient called Aqua-Vita. Aqua-Vita contains bioactive lipids that are able to deliver rejuvenating and healing oxygen to oxygen-deprived cells. This amazing breakthrough works by lowering the surface tension of water with naturally occurring organic compounds such as rhamnolipids. This allows us to create an incredible topical delivery system for restoring and regenerating damaged tissue, further enhancing the effectiveness of the other carefully selected ingredients in our skincare line.

Our moisturizer is so effective that that people who use powder foundation can apply it within moments of using an Aqua-Vita product, and doesn’t smear or blotch as it does with most other moisturizers. This product line has become my passion, and Braxton Labs is focused on delivering a product line that is effective, natural, and appropriate for all skin types. Our skincare line is truly clean, and won’t conflict with your natural pheremones or with any scents you’re using. These are elegant formulations where every ingredient delivers.

Christopher Lovito
President & CEO